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About the Property Fox

Real people, real houses. That’s who we help. Having dealt with all different types of property over the last decade, it becomes obvious that the people we can help the most are people like you!

My expertise is in the probate sector and I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to supporting families who have relatives going into care, when the property may need to be sold to fund the care fees. Quite often these properties are in need of refurbishment or renovation.

I’m always on hand with a team of experts in all fields to advise on what is worth doing work to, and what is not, to get the highest value from your home.

Take our quiz to find out how you can maximise the value of your home!

John, Director, The Property Fox

How It Works

Simply click the “GET STARTED” button below and answer a handful of simple questions about the property you’re looking to increase the value of.

We will then send you a full report identifying which areas your property is scoring well on and which areas could be improved!

You can then request a free valuation with one of our experts and have a chat through your results to maximise the value of your home.

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Understanding Your Score

You will be scored against five key topics:

The Big Five

The biggest jobs that you have in a property are these five areas- the kitchen, bathroom, central heating, windows and electrics- if you get these right you could have buyers queueing up to give you the best price you could possibly get for your property. Getting these areas to the best they can be is definitely worth the investment but can be very expensive.

Curb Appeal

Making sure your house looks the best it can for potential buyers is key! It’s the first thing people see when approaching the property, so making it look great is a top priority, whether that’s adding some flowers and shrubbery, or giving the place a whole new paint job to revitalise the property.

Selling the Dream

Cosmetic factors inside the house also help to sell the property and can come at a reasonable cost. New floors, or doors are small things that could really make a difference when buyers are looking at a house and something you should definitely evaluate!

Buyer's Nightmares

What keeps buyers up at night tossing and turning? These are the things that your property should improve on in order to ease potential buyers minds- make sure all the boxes are ticked! We strongly advise looking at this area to prevent any major concerns being raised.

Outdoor Living

Green areas in a property can shift how a buyer sees a house- having a patio or decking area can add good value to a property but just having a good, basic outdoor area ensures there’s no troubles for the buyer to overcome.